From the President
From the President



Greetings, fellow music lovers!

Welcome to Beijing, and to the first China International Music Competition. First off, allow me to extend to you a very warm welcome on behalf of the Global Music Education League and the China Conservatory of Music. As the director of this competition, I am happy to have had the chance to organize and plan this competition with the head of our judging panel—world-famous musician Professor Kaplinsky—as well as Richard Rodzinski, who is quite seasoned at organizing and managing international competitions. I am also pleased to welcome the Philadelphia Orchestra, conducted by Mr. Yannick Nézet-Séguin, to take part in this competition. It is my hope that each of you will leave here with wonderful memories of this magnificent competition.

The Global Music Education League was formed in 2017 by over 30 top music institutes from Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania, as well as international music organizations. I was elected chairman of this league. In two years, this league's roster has expanded to include 70 members, and it has had an international impact. I have always believed that music can break through the barriers that exist between people and between countries. For communication is what makes civilization diverse, and mutual reflection is what makes civilization rich and fertile. Music can become a great force that promotes world peace and the advancement of human civilization.

This is the mission of the Global Music Education League. It is also the very reason this competition was organized.

The China International Music Competition and the Global Music League, as well as the Conservatory's education, scientific research, and its artistic endeavors, are all closely intertwined. Scholars and students of all majors—piano, orchestral instruments, conducting, vocal music, art management, music education—will be deeply involved in the entire course of this competition. The China International Music Competition will allow these individuals to achieve new levels of comprehensive personal development in the field of artistic education, both in terms of education and practice. This is an open competition; it will establish a model for musical appreciation and set a standard for musical education. This is the  unique—and most valuable—significance of the China International Music Competition.

Beijing is China's capital, but it is also China's cultural center, as well as a hub for international exchange. It is my hope that the China International Music Competition can become a cultural brand for Beijing, one that faces the world. I also hope that our competition can become a platform for launching the great musicians of the future. Bearing the stamp of the China International Music Competition, they will surely one day become musical ambassadors promoting world peace.


Wang Liguang
Chairman of the Global Music Education League
President of the China Conservatory of Music


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