China Conservatory of Music
China Conservatory of Music


Founded in 1964, the China Conservatory of Music is one of the "Double First-Class" colleges in China and the secretariat school of the Global Music Education League. Operating under the Communist Party of China's leadership, the school abides by the socialist norms for running schools. Its philosophy of schooling is to "inherit Chinese culture, raise Chinese melody, train Chinese talents, and develop Chinese music." It aims to establish the "Chinese National School of Music" and functions as a high-level research college. Its goal is to build a world-class institution for Chinese-music education and research and also aims to nurture the traditional Chinese music culture and is known as "the cradle of Chinese musicians" and "the palace of Chinese music."


China Conservatory of Music has a comprehensive discipline system, with the highest level of discipline construction in China. It is empowered to confer first-class doctorates, master's degrees, and bachelor's degrees in Music and Dance and has a study center dedicated to post-doctoral studies in Music and Dance. It accepts scholarships from the Chinese government for international students in China. The institution provides academic facilities for postgraduates, undergraduates, and attached-high-school (preparatory course) students, and integrates musicology, composition and theories of composition, music performance, and music education. The various departments in the college include the following: the Chinese Academy of Music Theory (Musicology Department), the Composition Department, the Conducting Department, the Chinese Academy of Vocal Music Arts (Voice and Opera Department), the Department of Chinese Instruments, the Orchestral Instruments Department, the Piano Department, the Department of Arts Management, the School of Education, the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching, the Basic Teaching Department, and the Affiliated Middle School. Other teaching units are also part of the college. It offers a multi-dimensional teaching system based on Chinese music theory, Chinese music creation, and Chinese music performance.


Our faculty includes many famous teachers who have significant influence in the music industry. Our teaching and research team is composed of leading national talents, national cultural experts, and the "Four a Batch of Talents" Acclaimed teachers, talents from the Ministry of Education, experts enjoying special government subsidies from the State Council, presidents of various professional associations across China, leading talents and famous teachers of Beijing High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Support Program, outstanding middle-aged experts, famous teachers in Beijing, scholars of Beijing's Great Wall Cultivation Program, and top-notch talents in Beijing are also part of our team. The teachers provide critical direction and support for the development of a "Chinese National Vocal Music Teaching Team," a "Chinese National Instrumental Music Teaching Team," a key professional pool, an experimental zone for innovation under the Ministry of Education, and a hub for philosophical and social sciences in Beijing. They are also involved in key scientific research projects and other scientific research work.


Since its inception, the college has been highly productive in talent cultivation. We have nurtured and developed many famous international talents and have placed more than 10,000 outstanding graduates in various disciplines, within and outside China. The college follows the principle of open education and has established strategic partnerships with 85 world-class universities and internationally-renowned institutions. The college thus provides a key channel for promoting cultural exchange and resource-sharing involving Chinese and foreign music and makes significant contributions to the inheritance, development, and promotion of Chinese music.


We cherish our cultural roots while being receptive to other cultures as we explore avenues to establish a distinctive Chinese music-education system. The college promoted the construction and development of The Chinese National School of Music and established the China Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, the Chinese Orchestra Academia, and the Juvenile Plucked Instrument Orchestra. It also provided its support for constructing the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National School of Music, the Research Institute for Chinese National School of Music, and other research platforms with an international focus. It has been instrumental in building a world-class research conservatory with Chinese characteristics.


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