The Global Music Education League

The Global Music Education League(GMEL) is a global nongovernmental nonprofit academic organization established in September, 2017 in Beijing. It was initiated by Professor Wang Liguang, President of China Conservatory of Music and the Director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Chinese National School of Music, and co-founded by more than 60 world-top music institutions of North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

The aim of the League is to build an academic community as well as a platform for world-class talents training, scientific research, creation and performance, resources accumulation and sharing, communication and cooperation of music, and on the basis of which, to further promote the establishment, inheritance and development of traditional, classical and all the other music genres and music cultures of different nationalities as well as the understanding and communication among them; to enhance communication and collaboration among international music education institutions; to create an internationalized musical education system in line with the developing trend for the development of global music education; moreover, to leverage the unique power of music to eliminate misunderstanding, purify the soul and make music the ambassador for world peace.

GMEL is also tasked to realize the sharing of qualified resources, joint training of students, exchange visits of teachers, the mutual recognition of diploma and credits as well as joint academic projects. GMEL will hold world-class events and high-level academic activities of music on a regular basis, and compile World Musical Encyclopaedia and Global Music Institutions Almanac gathering the academic music power worldwide.

GMEL is led by a Chairman and 4 council members on a 5-year rotating basis; GMEL Secretariat is located at China Conservatory of Music in Beijing. The First GMEL Chairman is Wang Liguang of the China Conservatory of Music; the First GMEL Council Members are Wang Liguang of the China Conservatory of Music; Kaarlo Hildén of the Sibelius Academy at University of the Arts Helsinki; Anna Reid of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Jamal J. Rossi of the Eastman School of Music; Anne Walters Robertson of Department of Music and the College at University of Chicago.


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