Rules & Regulations
Rules & Regulations

The China International Music Competition, with the mission of promoting the exchange of different music cultures and nurturing musical ambassadors for world peace, was officially launched in 2019 by the Global Music Education League and China Conservatory of Music. 
The competition brings together internationally prominent musicians, performers and pedagogues to form a distinguished jury panel, and collaborates with the world's leading orchestras and music institutions to build a platform of exchange and performance at the highest level for generations of young musicians.
The discipline of the 2020 competition is violin and it will be held in Beijing on May 1st - 11th, 2020.

General Rules

1.     China International Music Competition will be held in Beijing from May 1 to 11, 2020. It was launched jointly by the Global Music Education League (GMEL) and China Conservatory of Music (CCM).

2.     The discipline of the 2020 competition is violin.

3.     Violinists must be between sixteen and twenty-eight years of age on the opening date of the competition (May 1, 2020)

4.     The CIMC Organizing Committee will provide a round-trip, economy-class air or train tickets between his/her place of residence and Beijing for all competitors advanced into the preliminary round.

5.     All competitors will be provided with hotel accommodations from April 30 through the end of the competition. Competitors will, however, be responsible for their own accommodations on any days outside of this time period.  

6.     Foreign competitors will be responsible for obtaining their passports and any necessary visas. 

7.     The CIMC Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes to the rules if circumstances dictate, but not later than two months before the opening of the competition. In case of any difference between the Chinese and English-language versions of texts and rules, the Chinese-language version will be considered definitive.


President of the Competition

Li-guang Wang, President of the China Conservatory of Music, and chairman of the Global Music Education League


Competition Procedures

The competition will be divided into five separate parts: 

1.     Prescreening Round
2.     Preliminary Round
3.     Semifinal Round
4.     Phase 1 of the Final Round
5.     Phase 2 of the Final Round


Competition Rules

1.     All timings are inclusive of applauses and all rounds except the Prescreening Round will be open to public. 

2.     All works must be played from memory, except for sonatas with piano and Sicong Ma’s Rondo.  

3.     The jury will advance no more than twenty-four violinists to the Preliminary Round, twelve to the Semifinal Round, six to Phase 1 of the Final Round, and three to Phase 2 of the Final Round.

4.     The order of appearance of competitors in the Preliminary Round will be determined by drawing of lots. The competitors will follow this order in all rounds except, at the discretion of the chairman of the jury, for reasons of accident, illness, or other unusual circumstances.

5.     The competitors will be provided with practice rooms and the opportunity to rehearse onstage. Official pianists will be provided by the competition at the candidates’ request.

6.     All rounds of the competition except the Prescreening Round may be broadcast and webcast live and may be recorded and videotaped for subsequent broadcast, video, and audio use. Parts or all of the competition will be made available on internet. Competitors will be required to sign a release form yielding all rights on such materials to the CIMC Organizing Committee and its assignees or licensees. Neither the Organizing Committee nor its assignees or licensees may be held liable for any payments to competitors relating to materials derived from competition performances.

7.     Competitors may not contact or speak with any member of the jury as long as they continue to participate in the competition. Any violation of this rule may disqualify the competitor.

8.     Decisions of the jury are final and may not be appealed.


Deadline for Repertoire Submission and Rules

1.     The final repertoire selected by competitors must be submitted by January 31, 2020.

2.     Competitors may not make any change to the submitted repertoire.


Prizes and Engagements

The China International Music Competition will award the following prizes:

First Prize: US $150,000, a Gold Medal, and three years of concert tours
Second Prize: US $ 75,000 and a Silver Medal
Third Prize: US $ 30,000 and a Jade Medal
Three Finalists (Non-Medalists): US $ 5,000 each and a Diploma

All prize amount is pre-tax. The China Conservatory of Music will pay taxes on behalf of the prize winners according to the national and local tax laws of the People’s Republic of China. All prizes will be paid in RMB, in accordance with the exchange rate of the Bank of China on the date of payment.

The CIMC Organizing Committee will organize recitals and orchestral engagements for the winner of the competition to be performed within a three-year period following the competition. 

Scheduling of engagements will take into account any prior commitments of the winner, but the winner will be expected to fulfill all prize engagements. Failure to do so may result, at the discretion of the CIMC Organizing Committee, in forfeiture of the winner’s claim to any future engagements.

Application Methods and Requirements

•    Application Channel

Violinists should submit Application Form and a performance clip to the designated website of the competition by January 31, 2020. 
More details of the registration can be obtained by contacting the Organizing Committee via email .   

•    The requirements of the performance clip for the Prescreening Round:

1.     Must be recorded after January 1st, 2019;
2.     Must not be edited, and the lens must be fixed, and the entire hand and face clearly visible;
3.     The hand movement and sound must be consistent.
4.     Camera’s automatic sound adjustment (such as AGC, ALC, etc.) should not be used. The sound in the video should not be too loud or too soft, or contain any noise.

Note: Failure to fulfil any of the above requirements will result in automatic forfeit of the applicant’s qualification.


Announcement of the Competitors' List of the Preliminary Round

•     Announcement Time

The Organizing Committee of the China International Music (violin) Competition will announce the competitors’ list of the Preliminary Round, and inform each competitor at the end of February, 2020.

•     General Rule

The competitors’ list of the Preliminary Round is final and may not be appealed. The final right of interpretation of the list is reserved by the Organizing Committee of the Competition. 


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